Increased nervous tics in adolescents, the cause may be TikTok

According to a report published on People It’s certain WSJ, a study carried out in several psychiatric hospitals in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia shows a significant increase in adolescents (mainly girls) with nerve tics, sudden worms and contractions, due to Tourette’s syndrome. However, all patients seem to have a common denominator.

Can TikTok cause Gilles de la Tourette syndrome? Doctors talk

It remains singular that in such a short time there has been such an increase in the cases of behaviors associated with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. To give examples, Texas Children’s Hospital claimed to have spent from 1/2 teenagers with nervous tics in 2020 in ben 60 teenagers one year later. At Johns Hopkins University Tourette’s Center, the number of patients with Tourette syndrome or similar behavior increased by 20% in a year.


Almost all of these adolescents, according to academics and hospital researchers, had a common denominator, after seeing videos on social networks in which the protagonists presented nervous tics. In detail, doctors at Rush University Medical Center have reviewed some videos from the TikTok platform who carry the hashtag “Tourette” and they said it could be a mass social disease. This means that adolescents who watch this type of video then tend to imitate such behavior.

Probably, according to some experts, this is not a real syndrome but rather a functional movement disorder, which can be tackled by therapeutic sessions. It should also be remembered that this type of discomfort is certainly also increased due to the pandemic and all that it has meant for the youngest. We recently talked about the relationship between social media and teens. In detail, a crosscutting study claims that some TikTok they would improve psychological health while Instagram has been accused of being, in some cases, harmful to mental health of the youngest.

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