Intel acquires Granulate, a company that “rushes” servers by optimizing them in real time

Intel has a signed agreement for acquire Israeli Granulate Cloud solutionsa company committed to the development of services that optimize the operation of a server in real time to improve performance without making changes to program code or the operating system.

The work of Granulate well illustrated by the video that you can see below, which talks about an “agent” placed on an instance to analyze how data is handled, resource usage, and other behaviors. Once you’ve learned the basics, optimize your workload management to maximize infrastructure performance. This is important because, at the same time, it reduces costs: more efficient servers allow companies to postpone possible expansion.

The two companies did not disclose financial details of the agreement, but informed sources speak of a 650 million dollar operation.

“Cloud and data center customers need scalable, high-performance software to get the most out of their hardware solutions,” said Sandra Rivera, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s Datacenter and AI Group. “Granulate’s self-optimization software can be applied to production workloads without the customer having to modify their code.”

According to Intel, modern computer architectures have introduced performance issues complex ones that are not easily handled by traditional operating systems and runtimes. Moreover, we often rely on it old Linux distributions and libraries that are not up to date to get the most out of the new processors.

Granulate’s Autonomous Optimization Service solves these problems by decreasing CPU utilization and reducing application latencies. “It does this by studying the customer’s application and implementing a custom set of continuous optimizations at runtime. This allows us to deploy to smaller compute clusters and instance types to improve application performance and reduce cloud and data center costs,” Intel says.

The Granulate service does not require developer or customer intervention to make changes to its code. The latest CPU optimizations can also be applied to older Linux distributions and runtimes.

intel granulate 01 04 2022

“With Intel, we believe we can help customers realize significant savings and increase throughput up to five times across multiple workloads“said Asaf Ezra, co-founder and CEO of Granulate. By joining Intel, Granulate will be able to bring these self-optimizing capabilities to even more customers around the world and rapidly expand its offering with the help of Intel’s 19,000 software engineers. “

The operation must ending in the second quarter of this year. I am on 120 Aggregates employees they will be integrated into Intel’s Datacenter and AI business unit.