Intel Alder Lake, how was the first month of sales? An indication taken from Mindfactory data

A little over a month has passed since the launch of the first 12th Generation Intel Corecode name Alder Lake. If one month, especially in times of shortage, is not enough to get an idea of ​​the reception of enthusiasts, and even less is it correct to limit oneself to observing the sales data of a single store, it is always interesting to see how many processors Alder Lake MindFactory has sold, Germany’s largest retail store in November.

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According to publicly available data compiled by user Ingebor on Reddit, Intel reached a 30% share in terms of units sold, something not seen for a long time. However, the result cannot be attributed solely to the debut of the new processors, with their very convincing performance, but also the decidedly attractive prices of some previous generation solutions of the 11000 and 10000 series.

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Said this, Alder Lake processors catalyzed purchases of over 2,300 unitswith the model 12700K collect favors in front of the 12600K. Overall, Intel processors exceed 5,000 units, while AMD solutions remain the most in demand with over 15,000 units sold and a 70% share. On the shields Ryzen 7 5800X And 5600Xbut it’s interesting to sell how the “G” models are also doing well, in part because of shortages of dedicated GPUs.

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In terms of turnover, AMD’s CPU sales exceed 5 million euros, while those of Intel with 26% stop at around 2 million. Within Core solutions, Alder Lake models achieve a 37% unit share, with 53% revenue.

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To begin with, it doesn’t seem bad, given that the processors are top of the range and that we start from 300/350 euros for the 12600K. A new platform based on the Z690 chipset is also required and, for those who decide to focus on DDR5, also new memories – which are very expensive and not widely available today.

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It will be interesting to see how the situation evolves in the first months of 2022 with the arrival of cheaper motherboards like the B660, more affordable “non-K” Core models and the availability of DDR5 in higher volumes. . Of course, AMD won’t sit idly by with new processors featuring 3D V-Cache technology and, perhaps, other as-yet-unannounced innovations.