Intel Alder Lake: hybrid architecture is formula 1 for processors

Among the most important events in the field of hardware this year there is undoubtedly the launch of the new processors 12th Generation Intel Corecode name Alder Lake, for desktop PCs dedicated to gaming and productivity. An important step for Intel, which is particularly attentive to meeting the needs of users that have emerged during a complex period such as the pandemic.

I am there are many new features of Alder Lake processorsfrom new high-performance hybrid architecture, an absolute novelty, up to the support of new technologies such as DDR5 and PCI Express 5.0 capable of raising the potential of the platforms even more. We talked about it with Biagio Gurrieri, Intel’s Field Application Engineer, in the video you can see above.

intel core 12th gen adl 6

Gurrieri has us explained what Intel means by the term “hybrid”because Intel introduced the concept of Performance Core and Efficient Core, told us about the symbiotic relationship between hardware and software, in particular the work done with Microsoft on Windows 11 to allow the new architecture to download, using an automobile metaphor, “all the horses on the ground”.

For this reason, Intel has introduced wire director, an advanced telemetry technology that allows the operating system to direct threads to the right cores at the right time. Thread Director, as Gurrieri explained to us, is a completely automatic and transparent technology in its operation.

Not just processors, Intel has the platform has also been renewed Introducing the world’s first 600 series chipset, the Z690, the top of the line in the desktop PC world, designed to deliver cutting-edge technologies such as USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 and the aforementioned support for new DDR5 memory. however only the beginning of a journey which, as Gurrieri mentions, will lead Alder Lake also in the mobile world from the beginning of 2022.

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