Introduces “Apple Watch for Dogs”: Monitor Activity and GPS Finds It If It Escapes | CES 2022

InvoxiaFrench company specializing in smart devices using AI, presented to the THOSE from Las Vegas an Apple Watch-style smart dog collar, called smart dog collar. In detail, this device can monitor many parameters such as breathing at rest and heart rate. The tracker can also track when the dog walks, runs, scratches, drinks, eats, barks and sleeps. Also, the necklace it’s not necessary be tight around the neck.


“There is a radar which is in front of the neck and sends out a radio signal, and this signal will not be reflected by the fur. So no matter how much hair the dog has, it will always be reflected by the first layer of skin” As a result, the radar will be reflected. In fact, he will be able to know the speed and movement of the skin just under the cervix. These movements are then fed into an algorithm that determines heart rate and breathing rate,” Cuadon explained.
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smart dog collar: the tool for the health of the dog

In addition, the new Invoxia tracker has a GPS able to control the movements of the dog and especially to find it in case of loss. The usefulness of this device becomes important mainly in the pets they have Enduring surgery or to see how the dog responds to the use of certain medications. It is also simply adopted to keep an eye on the animal’s health in order to detect respiratory abnormalities or other types of problems before it’s too late.


For the moment, smart dog collar of Invoxia available only for dogs of medium-large size. The cause related to a problem of miniaturization of radar technology. The price of the necklace $99 to which they are added $12.99 in case you want to use the GPS function. The product will be available in summer 2022.