Introducing Capture One 22, with HDR merging and panorama stitching

Recently, the market photo development software it is decidedly lively and even the giants of the sector have had to take shelter in the face of increasingly fierce competition.

Among the software most used by professionals is Capture One and today this program is also evolving and offers new features. Capture a 22 intercepts the wishes of photographers and finally offers features such as panoramic photo stitching, HDR fusion and of course compatibility with the latest Apple processors.

capture one 22 600

With the multi-row seamsyou can create a very high resolution image in any direction, working with a huge, fully editable DNG file directly in Capture One.

Combine more RAW images with different exhibitions, HDR Merge delivers a single high dynamic range image with just a few clicks – ideal for landscape shots at sunrise or sunset, indoor shots showing indoor and outdoor settings, or any other scene with large exposure differences . After merging the different shots, you can of course take advantage of Capture One’s powerful editing tools to perfect the image: increase shadows, create high contrast and much more.

Good news for everyone you work with cannon: indeed comes the possibility of wireless wired remote control with cameras from the Japanese manufacturer. The advantage is that of remote shooting without the clutter of cables, with the possibility of having all the shots directly and immediately on the computer for post-production.

Following the current trend, Capture One has added features based on artificial intelligence to the software. Function Auto Rotate It finally eliminates hours of manual rotation from your workflow and allows you to automatically rotate large batches of images simultaneously.

Technicians also worked hard at the process level, tackling one of the problems of this type of software head-on. NOW Faster image filtering, loading and browsing on Windows.

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Capture One offers a hybrid approach to license management. On the one hand we find the single purchase of a license 349or the subscription formula a 219 per year or 29 per month, with automatic feature updates for future releases.

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