iOS 15 is installed on more than half of compatible devices less than 3 months after its launch

iOS 15 installed on nearly 60% of compatible devices in circulation, approximately 80 days after its release to the public. The figures come from an analysis carried out by the third-party site Mixed paneland therefore does not represent an official announcement from Apple.

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The company updates its product or service adoption charts daily, and in the case of iOS 15, it shows how the overshoot of the previous major version was around the end of November. To date, iOS 15 is the most popular OS on Apple’s mobile devices, with a significant advantage over iOS 14 (36%), where older versions of Apple’s mobile OS stand out at around 5 %.

iOS 15 on 60% of compatible devices less than three months after launch

iOS 15 was released on September 14, after the official presentation in June and the release of the first versions in beta form. Contrary to what happened with previous versions, Apple did not publish official figures, however MixPanel had pointed out a few days after its launch that iOS 14 had done significantly better in the same period (14.5% against 8.5% adoption on iOS15).

The lower result compared to the predecessor was probably due to some youthful bugs reported by the first users and the lack of fundamental new features for users: among those of iOS 15 we have a redesign of some native applications, better control notifications, new privacy, and new features like Focus and Live Text. In addition, users can also benefit from security updates on iOS 14, choosing in the settings to remain on the “old” operating system without compromising protection against external vulnerabilities in any way.

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