iPad 4, the dance begins

Tim Cook , CEO of Apple, surprised no one on September 12. All the features of iPhone 5 had already been leaked and the same could happen with the new version of iPad, in fact, the rumor dance has just started.

For the first time, Apple’s phone appeared on the web with real photos before its presentation. Asian suppliers are probably responsible for these leaks since the American company jealously guards all its prototypes. As for the iPad, appeared pictures of the new team he prepares the signature of the apple and we already know that it will be 7 inches.

iPad 4 or Mini?

Apple is rumored to introduce a mini version of its tablet next month to compete with the Google Nexus 7 and the new Kindle Fire HD. Chinese manufacturers have also given hints about what the iPad 4 could be, a team that would be available in the first quarter of 2013.

This will take?

One of the main novelties would be the screen. We will no doubt see a tablet with a slightly curved screen and even capable of transmitting sensations when typing or interacting with a video game. At the level of resolution, Apple can hardly do more and that is that the human eye cannot appreciate a greater condensation of pixels.

Another important aspect is related to dimensions. The new iPad has failed to lose weight compared to its predecessor and it is more than likely that Apple is working on this. A thinner, lighter tablet can be the key to differentiating you from the competition.

No more news

After seeing the iPhone 5, it is obvious that the iPad 4 will have a new smaller fast connector, it will do without NFC technology and it will surely have Siri as a voice assistant for iOS 6. We invite you to read an article very complete which TabletZona colleagues have written with all the news that the new tablet could bring.