iPad market share grows 6% despite increased competition

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, confirmed during the presentation of the new iPhone that the market share of the iPad has increased by 6 percentage points in the last year, that is to say that despite the fact that there are more competitors, the Apple tablet continues to climb positions and distancing of his rivals.


The iPad has achieved something unusual: on the one hand, it has upset all the forecasts of analysts who said that it would gradually lose leadership; on the other hand, it has grown despite the global economic crisis and the low cost proposals that have appeared on the market. Will it lose leadership in 2015 to Android as the experts say? It’s hard to predict the future in a rapidly changing market, but for now the iPad seems unstoppable.


In the tablet market there are different groups, on the one hand Apple and on the other hand Samsung, Google and the rest of the defeated brands. You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of builders who had to back down to have failed resoundingly among the great, LG showcased its Pad with 3D capability and crossed the market without penalty or glory, HTC launched the first 7 inch (HTC Flyter) with Pen and also achieved nothing. Acer goes straight crashed into the tablet market and others like RIM or HP practically had to give away the hardware to empty the stock since they weren’t sold.

In fact, who did it best was Samsung which, by launching different models and investing in massive marketing, obtained a large percentage of market share and Google or Amazon who hit the nail on the head with their cheap gear. Another manufacturer that did well was Nokia, the Finnish firm managed not to launch a tablet on the market until it verified whether or not Windows was successful as an operating system.

The next months

Microsoft is about to release the surface while Apple is preparing an iPad Mini that could be definitive for other competitors. It is clear that tablets have a lot to say and we will see if Apple is able to surprise the market again since the latest iPhone was not as revolutionary as expected.