iPhone 5 reservations sold out in the US in minutes

He iphone 5 You can’t start your business any better. The first rounds of pre-orders launched in the United States vanished in less than an hour. Apple seems to have created another selling machine for history. An example to follow not only for mobile phone companies, but for the consumer electronics industry in general.

This was the iPhone 5’s first real-world commercial assault and the truth is, it couldn’t have gone better. The three main operators, Verizon, Sprint and ATT they opened their booking quota and everything disappeared in less than half an hour. For the moment, Apple has not given official sales figures, but we could speak of a figure close to half a million units. Let’s not forget that the most optimistic analysts claim that they will be 10 millions that Apple will sell the iPhone 5 in a week is nothing.

In Spain, it will be necessary to wait until the 28th, when the operators will open the season to capture the new model of the bitten apple. We don’t know much else, but based on what’s going on in the United States, it seems clear that the team will sell well in Spain as well. A model that European version will come without 4Gsince it is a standard that has not only been implemented in Europe at the speed it should be.

more and better

The iPhone 5 was presented to the media on September 12. It essentially inherits the lines drawn by the iPhone 4S, being now thinner, 7.6 mm and thinner, 112 grams. It has also changed its rear design, while incorporating IOS 6, a new version of Apple’s operating system. The camera now has a better stabilization system, while in video mode you can take photos while recording. The battery life of this model, which also launches the Apple A6 processor, is 225 hours, about 15% more than in the iPhone 4S. In any case, despite the improvements, there are many users who criticize the zero evolution of the sixth phone from the firm to the apple.