iPhone 5 smashes iPhone 4S sales record

The expectations we had for the iPhone 5 they were not filled in many cases. Many have criticized the new Apple device. However, the numbers were record high. Those of Cupertino needed 24 hours to show that they did their job well. They surpassed what the iPhone 4S achieved on day one. And it’s not that the iPhone 5 has surpassed the 4S by the hair, it’s that it has reached double sales reached by the latter in the first 24 hours.

Apple released it through a press release that it sent to the media and made available to users on its website. This is certainly great news for the company of the late Steve Jobs, which has once again achieved incredible success with its new release. And this success is all the more remarkable that this iPhone 5 was probably the smartphone from Apple that received the most criticism, for not having made enough innovations.

It hasn’t even arrived in stores yet.

Two million units sold the first day it can be booked is definitely proof that it is going to be a super seller. However, this fact is more surprising if you take into account that the device will not reach stores until September 21, and only in nine countries, the United States, Germany, Australia, Canada , France, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and Singapore.

The amount of sales of the iPhone 5 has been so large that it has exceeded the availability of units, which has delayed some user orders. Although most shipments will be completed properly on September 21, many shipments have been delayed until October when more terminals will become available.

Availability and prices in Spain

On our side, we will be able to enjoy the new Apple device from September 28, together with 21 other countries. On Friday next week we will be able to buy in the official Apple Store in Spain, in the Apple online store, in authorized centers and through some operators, the new iphone 5.

It will be available in two colors, white and silver and black and graphite. The official price with which it will arrive in Spain is not yet known, although some probable figures are manipulated. Based on prices in Germany, France and the UK, we guess that the iPhone 5 16 GB will be available for 679 euros, the 32 GB for 789 eurosand the 64 GB for 899 euros, in line with its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, and sold for free on the Apple Store. However, it can be obtained with a certain subsidy if obtained through one of the operators who will make it available in Spain from the day of its launch.