iPhone as point of sale: they will be able to accept credit card payments via NFC

Apple is working on a new payment service that will allow you to directly use an iPhone as a ”POS” to accept payments directly on the device without the need for additional third-party hardware or even ad-hoc apps. In fact, we know that in this sense, iPhones can now accept credit cards with add-ons such as Square Reader. And here is Apple’s new technology ready to eliminate the need for a third-party product.

Apple as an outlet: how will it work?

Individuals and small businesses can accept payments simply by swiping your debit or credit card on your iPhone, a feature that will probably use the NFC chip already integrated in the devices of the Cupertino company. The news comes directly from Bloomberg and may in fact have serious potential.

In this sense, know that Apple started developing hardware-free credit card payment option as early as 2020when it bought Mobeewave for around $100 million.Mobeewave was a startup that created technology for smartphones that allowed them to accept payments via NFC. At that time, the Mobeewave website stated that sending payments with the Mobeewave app it was simple because all you had to do was enter the amount of a transaction and place an NFC-enabled card on the back of a smartphone. So here’s how it will probably work too the new Apple service that won’t need third-party apps but will do everything through a new version of iOS.

ApplePayPOS 1

Bloombergstipulate that It is not yet clear whether the payment service will be integrated directly with Apple Pay, although the team working on the feature also worked within Apple’s payments division. In fact, all current iPhones already have NFC technology, this means that no hardware upgrades will be required.And yet, rumors speak of the possibility that Apple plans to implement card payments on the iPhone already in the coming months, even including it in the update iOS 15.4 which could be launched in the spring.