Is the smart TV acting up? With Vestel models, assistance is remote, via TeamViewer

Smart TVs made by Vestelone of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic devices, will have a remote support mode for customers provided by TeamViewer. The agreement will cover hundreds of thousands of smart TVs built by Vestel for the European market which will thus be equipped with the software Quick support of TeamViewer pre-installed on Android devices.

Technical support will be able to remotely connect to customers’ smart TVs

Vestel’s decision to use TeamViewer was driven by its ability to provide easy support for Android devices and a secure, stable connection. Availability of the TeamViewer software in all languages played a key role in the choice, given that smart TVs are marketed across Europe. Technical support staff will be able to remotely connect to their customers’ smart TVs across Europe to properly configure TV features or troubleshoot software issues. After contacting the toll-free number by telephone, customers can allow remote access to their TV through the QuickSupport app to share the screen with the helpdesk and troubleshoot the issue.


Barış AltınkayaDeputy General Manager of Marketing and Product Management at Vestel, said: “Our customers expect the best quality for their TVs, but also state-of-the-art customer service. By integrating TeamViewer into our Smart TVs, we are really taking our support to a very high and advanced level and giving our customers a way easy way to quickly resolve any issue with their new device The decision to choose TeamViewer was simple: TeamViewer is a reliable and trusted partner and is a recognized brand, with an unrivaled, easy to use and proven solution with Android connected devices“.

John Junker, Executive Vice President of Solutions Delivery at TeamViewer, commented: “TeamViewer enables companies to digitize processes across the enterprise value chain – including technical customer support. The use case with Vestel shows how our customers can harness the power of our digital solutions to make a much more efficient process, and therefore creating added value for both the customer and the business. Secondly, it is also a great example of how our world is already connected today – smart devices and are everywhere, and it’s great to see how remote support opportunities are growing exponentially.”.