It Takes Two: A Film and TV Series for Hazelight Studios’ Masterpiece

After the surprising triumph at The Game Awards 2021, It takes two is about to land in cinemas and on television. the variety to share exclusive news: the production studio DJ2 Entertainment will work with the developers of Hazelight Studios adapt the adventure of the platform in film and television series. It Takes Two is just the umpteenth in a long line of projects that will bring the most popular game franchises to the big and small screens.

It Takes Two: Hazelight and dj2 Entertainment join forces

The adaptations of It Takes Two will be produced by DJ2 Entertainment, a company now known in the video game world for specializing in film and television transpositions of the most intriguing video games. We’re not just talking big IPs, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Tomb Raider, but also indie productions like Disco Elysium, My Friend Pedro, and Ruiner.

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Just like the aforementioned titles, It Takes Two will also be adapted into a television series (live-action or animated) and a feature film. The platform game Hazelight Studios “has a solid narrative component with lots of crazy characters and equally crazy action scenes”according to Josef Faresfounder of the Swedish software house and recently elected creative director of the title Game of the Year 2021. “[…] The enormous potential for a great film or television adaptation”said an enthusiastic Fares.

In the Variety report, we also find statements from Dmitry M. Johnsonfounder of dj2 Entertainment. “Like other gamers, we fell head over heels in love with Cody, May, Rose, Dr. Hakim and the imaginative universe created by Hazelight and can’t wait to bring these characters and world to the big and small screens.”.

The screenplay for the film adaptation has been entrusted to Pat Casey and Josh Miller, authors of Sonic the Hedgehog (2020). No other studios or networks are linked to Hazelight and dj2 Entertainment’s project, but sources say the ties are currently being disputed by multiple companies in what Variety describes as “a bidding war”.

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We remember It takes two Available on pc, PS5, Xbox series X|S, PS4 and XboxOne. Just like A Way Out (another Hazelight production), It Takes Two does not feature a single-player mode and can be played only with a friend, via online or local multiplayer. By purchasing the game on one of the compatible platforms, you will have access to Friends passwhich allows you to invite a friend to join the cooperative mode for free.