Japan, the shortage of GPU goes to the head: a lucky box allows you to have the RTX 3090 for 100 dollars

You could say that today finding a video card at acceptable prices is like playing the lottery, but we never thought anyone would go this far turn the purchase of a GPU into a game of luck (or, if you prefer, a game of money).

As reported by the site Wccftecha “Lucky box“sold for approx. 100-125 dollars, in which a mixture of old and new video cards is inserted. Anyone who buys this “Lucky Box” does unopened (!), i.e. he cannot know what he will find inside.

amz jp lucky box 2 20 01 2022

According to the description on Amazon, there is 16% chance of finding a GeForce GTX 900 or Radeon Rx 300 family card inside8% chance of getting a GeForce GTX 1000 or Radeon RX 500, 4% chance of finding a GeForce RTX 2000 or Radeon RX 5000 GPU and finally 2% tracking of a GeForce RTX 3000 or a Radeon RX 6000 (high end included). The remaining part of the percentage is made up of even more dated and decidedly unusable NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, as they are not very powerful. Incidentally, while the new GPUs are brand new and boxed, the others will certainly be used as they are no longer in production.

amz jp lucky box 1 20 01 2022

The buyer of this case who finds a latest generation GPU like the RTX 3090 is obviously doing a period deal, but those who find an older model from the GeForce GTX 1000 or Radeon RX 500 series, solutions that at this period might still give a few hundred dollars in case of resale.

Apparently the “Lucky Box” was a big hit because it’s out of stock (or maybe there were only a few, who knows). It is not known at this time if any buyers found a modern GPU inside the box or the condition of the products present, but it is good to know that the seller “does not accept returns or replacements” , so take it or leave it .

The idea is very reminiscent of the “loot boxes” of video games, or the prize boxes filled by a random generator inside which there are virtual objects: things of great value can be obtained at little cost, but it is rare, or simple digital junk. In this case, the waste is physical, and we at least hope that, since it is e-waste, it will be disposed of properly.