Jeff Bezos’ yacht is so big that a historic bridge had to be dismantled to get it across

Jeff Bezos certainly not known for his opulence. Indeed, the ex-CEO of Amazon is often said to have lived a frugal life, especially considering the huge amount of money he had (he was also the richest man in the world). Its last property, however, certainly cannot be defined as frugal: it is a yacht of almost 130 meters that he will not be able to go to sea unless part of a historic bridge is removed.

The news leaked online by the Dutch broadcaster Rijnmondwho wrote that the yacht is currently under construction in the city of Alblasserdam, in the Nederlands. Once finished, it will have to cross Rotterdam to reach the ocean and then its new owner. But first, there is a non-negligible problem to solve.

Bezos’ yacht is so big that part of a deck has to be removed for delivery

Indeed, Bezos’ megayacht has three masts and the height of the De Hef bridge (about 40 meters) in the port of Koningshaven might not be sufficient to allow the ship to pass safely. It is a centuries-old bridge that has become an important landmark for the city but is no longer used as a level crossing. In 2017 it was refurbished and reassembled, with the city promising it would never be dismantled.

Rotterdam is however revising its plans, albeit temporarily, and is being considered remove the central part of De Hef to allow passage of the yacht. In accordance with reported of Frances van Hejst – spokesperson for the municipality of Rotterdam – to the Washington Post, the cost of the operation will be borne entirely by the builder Oceanco (and Bezos) and will not come back to the citizens.

But what do we know about Jeff Bezos’ megayacht?

Yacht Bezos

The first details have been released through the book Amazon Unbound by Brad Stone: known as Y721it’s a $500 million custom yacht that he wants to position himself as “one of the best sailboats” in the world. Bezos’ estimated current assets are around $176 billion, which has allowed him to commission the company to build a second “support” yacht that will include a helipad. Of the still unfinished boat, characterized by a black hull and multiple decks, some photos have also been published on the web as it left a shipyard in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands. According to the information currently available, the project will be completed in 2022, and that of Bezos will become the largest sailing ship in the world.

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