John Deere prepares for tractor electrification by acquiring Kreisel Electric

The work vehicle specialist John Deere presented a prototype of electric tractor now five years ago. Since then, nothing has changed, until today, with the acquisition of a significant share of the Austrian company electric kreisel.

Electric mobility enthusiasts are familiar with Kreisel, which has become famous above all for its conversions to electric from endothermic vehicles, work carried out in a superlative way and with quality components. Some of these parts are even developed directly in-house by Kreiselwho has accumulated a great deal of experience, particularly in the battery sector.

Many fans probably remember a work, which hit the headlines, performed on behalf of Arnold Schwarzeneggerto whom they delivered a Mercedes G-Class converted to electric, and later also a Hummer.

John Deere

John Deere did not describe future plans or new features for the vehicle, but merely confirmed the acquisition, making it clear that Kreisel will become something of a control unit for the battery branch: “This is why John Deere acquired a majority stake in an Austrian company specializing in renewable energy and batteries. Kreisel Electric, Inc. develops high-density, high-durability electric battery modules and packs and has developed a charging infrastructure platform (CHIMERO) that uses the company’s patented battery technology.“.

John Deere

Thus, the attention of the well-known company not only in the processing of its products, but also towards charging infrastructure. In reality, for the use of tractors and other work vehicles, the presence of columns is not really essential, since it is assumed that these vehicles are loaded in their shelters on the farm. But according to John Deere, the development of the network, and consequently the adoption of more and more electric cars, will generate among its customers the desire to switch to electricity even at their place of work.