Julian Assange, umpteenth turnaround: he can be extradited to the United States

Two judges of the High Court in London they gave the green light Toextradition of Julian Assangefounder of Wikileaks, USA UNITED STATES. The decision overturns the sentence handed down in January this year, but the possibility remains call. The collective maximum sentence for all charges is 175 years.

Assange is accused of conspiracy and espionage after publishing a series of classified documents related to military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan on WikiLeaks in 2010. After a long period inEmbassy of Ecuador in London, Assange was arrested in 2019, when the asylum was revoked.

The new decision follows a January 2021 decision, which denied the US extradition request because Assange he was deemed mentally unstable and therefore at risk of suicide. More specifically, it was about “recurrent severe depressive disorder, sometimes accompanied by psychotic features (hallucinations) and suicidal ideation”.

julian assange 04 01 2020

The new decision takes into account Assange’s mental health issues, but the United States has given some assurances: the man will not be never been subject to “special administrative measures”will never enter a maximum security prison, he will be allowed – if he wishes – to serve his last sentence in Australiahis land of origin, and will be followed by a qualified medium to the prison where he will be detained.

Assange’s fiancée, Stella Morris, has settled the sentence a “serious miscarriage of justice” and an appeal obtained “as soon as possible”. She also wonders how the UK can allow a man to be extradited to a country that “conspired to kill him”. Second an article published earlier this yearthe Trump administration reportedly considered the possibility of kidnap or assassinate Assange in 2017. The US government never commented.

A simple formal statement came from the White House. “The president is a supporter of freedom of speech and of the press,” White House spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said when asked if Joe Biden was ready to pardon Assange.

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