Kaspersky: How to improve online privacy in 7 steps

Users are increasingly aware of the value of their personal data and the traces they regularly leave on the Net. Privacy Checker, Kaspersky analyzed the data provided anonymously by users and created a simple manual on how to implement the different levels of privacy.

TikTok users are interested in strict privacy settings

In fact, depending on the platform used, users seem to be interested in different types of security settings. For example, those who use it daily ICT Tac seems to be interested in learning more about the stricter security settings than other social networks (we are talking about 71%)while those who use an Apple smartphone seem more concerned about their online safety (53%).

The data analyzed relates to the period included between December 1, 2019 and November 15, 2021. Kaspersky’s social media experts examined the services and platforms that users repeatedly clicked on, prompting for instructions on setting up different levels of security. According to the analyzes carried out, the “medium” security level is the most used by users.

As for digital services, users of the Russian social network also have CV are looking for stricter security parameters: after TikTok, in fact, it ranks second with the 48%. Third place is taken by instagram: 42% of searches are related to the strictest privacy settings. As for the security level of Facebookstrict security settings only affect 33% of users.

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iPhone users, on the other hand, seem more concerned about data protection: more than half (53%) of all queries are related to the highest level of security, while the percentage of queries for the the average level is 42%. 57% of Android users are most interested in settings for medium security level: only 39% are looking for stricter security adviceTHE.

When it comes to computers, more than half of Mac users (59%) are interested in medium-level settings (which drop to 33% in the case of more stringent recommendations), while the percentage of Windows users represent less than 41%. Android, on the other hand, remains the most popular platform among users looking for security tips with the 67% of requests: percentage for Apple devices drops to 11% and 4% for Macs. Interestingly, almost a fifth (18%) of all queries come from Windows.

“By using online services and platforms, users inevitably leave digital traces: from geolocation in photos to IP addresses and much more. Today, digital awareness is gaining popularity among users as more attention is beginning to be paid to the level of security of personal information stored online. Using platforms like Privacy Checker helps you understand ways to protect your personal data, devices, and accounts“, commented Sergei MalenkovitchHead of Social Media at Kaspersky.

The guide to securing your account

Kaspersky has also compiled a list of useful tips to protect your personal information on all platforms.

1) The first thing to do is to check where does a link come from of a building site. How? Simply hover over the URL to preview it and check for misspellings or other irregularities. It’s also important to pay attention to a message or email from people you trust.

2) Use different passwords for each service it is essential: in this way, if one of the accounts were stolen, the others would remain safe.

3) In the event that it is advisable to use a service password manager.

4) Who uses one Apple smartphones it can block app access to your photos, contacts, and GPS if it deems these permissions unnecessary.

5 Who Uses One android smart phones must check app permissions carefully. The more you grant, the more actions the app can perform on your device and the more data it can collect.

6) Navigate in private/anonymous mode and the use of ad hoc software can help hide from the Net.

7) It is advisable to protect your smartphone and your computer with passwords or codes. For added security, use a password or biometric authentication to lock your phones, tablets, and computers.