KB5005033 breaks ALT + TAB combination for some users

KB5005033 breaks ALT + TAB combination for some users

The update named KB5005033 appears to be causing problems for multiple users, that is, it prevents the ALT + TAB key combination from working properly.

Concretely, it seems that the problem arises during gaming sessions. The problem seems to be related to the News & Interests bar that has been present in the start bar for some time.

Even the update KB5004296 released on July 29 caused the same problem in some systems. KB5004296 was released as an update on August 10 instead, not a preview.

How to solve the problem?

Those who have encountered the problem report that when trying to use the ALT + TAB feature (which moves between open applications) you end up on the desktop and not in the application you wanted to “switch” to, in d Other cases, as the user reports below, a black screen is reported with the inability to return to the game you were using.

A user reports the following in theFeedback Center:

It breaks Alt-Tab switching games that run in “full screen” mode. Switching to such games gives you a black screen and no way to return to the game. Again, uninstalling this update returns to normal working behavior.

To solve the problem just turn off the bar News and interests from the taskbar, to do so right click on the start bar then open the item News and interests So choose Deactivate.

KB5005033 breaks ALT + TAB combination for some users

This way the problem is solved.

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