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Have you ever wondered why you use the phone keypad so much when you can calmly command it to do things with your voice?

The short answer is because the keyboard is faster. However, it can be one of the hardest things to use if you don’t have practice with it.

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As the screen size decreases, the possibilities you have to write comfortably and quickly also decrease.

Since send messages with self-correcting words that it was not your intention to write, until it took several minutes to send a short message, the difficulties with the keyboard did not end.

If you want dominate your cell phone keypad, In this article you will find lots of great tips. With them you can start using any phone keypad like an F1 driver.

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Use a cell phone keypad like an expert!

The main problem we can have when we write in the android keyboard, is to make it slow.

If you are in this situation, nothing better than the advice that you will find in this link, where you will find information on:

  • The best way to type on an Android keyboard
  • When to use autocorrect and text prediction
  • Use text shortcuts
  • How to choose the best Android keyboard

The android text prediction it’s an amazing tool, which can help you type much faster. If you want to know how to use it correctly, in this link you will find all the data on how to activate and configure Android text prediction correctly.

How to improve Android keyboard

How most of the functions of this operating system, Android keyboard can also be customized to meet your own needs.

This is a fairly simple task that can be done by any user whatever your level of knowledge.

The first step that you need to do is to consult this article, where you will find information on best android keyboards and how to install them.

Another step that you need to take is to educate yourself about the Android Keyboard Themes, information that you will find in this link, and which includes such elements as:

  • What are keyboard themes for Android?
  • Why change the theme of Android keyboard?
  • How to download and install Android keyboard themes?
  • Best Android Keyboard Themes