Kim Dotcom protects itself from lawyers to launch the new Megauplaod

The founder of megaupload continues to build its new platform. In order to prevent it from being shut down again by federal authorities in the United States, Kim Dotcom confirmed that she is in constant contact with a group of lawyers who will protect the return of the service.

The German businessman no longer wants to be scary and his new project will have a group of lawyers who will defend him against possible attacks from governments like the United States or complaints from the entertainment industry in court. As you confirmed in your account Twitteryou will be supported by several lawyers specializing in intellectual property and the Internet.

Are you worried that what happened to Megaupload could happen to the new Mega? it will be impossible. Trust me!” he said in one of his last posts on the microblogging network. “We are currently working with a large group of lawyers, developers, designers as well as investors and of partners to create the latest version of Mega, which would be free from legal controversies“, He confirmed regarding the question of the legality of the platform being developed and that it should see the light of day before the end of the year.

Once again, Kim Dotcom was defiant and critical of the American authorities. “They already caught me the first time, the second time would be shameful,” said the German, who is awaiting trial in New Zealand (March 2013), from where he could be extradited to the United States. United for a period of one year. mass counterfeiting offense intellectual property and which could lead to his imprisonment.

The latest statements from the businessman follow the first details confirmed by himself on the new Megaupload. He recently claimed that the premium users -who paid to use the service- will continue to enjoy the same benefits on the new platform. Additionally, Dotcom’s intention is to integrate a payment system for customers into the new service. artists to host their content there so that they are financially compensated for downloads that users make of their content.

Now we just have to wait for the moment when initial testing period of the new platform. Dotcom himself has confirmed that his thousands of Twitter followers will be the first to be invited to try the new Mega. We’ll continue to listen to your tweets for any news about the start of this beta phase in the coming weeks.