Klimt’s “The Kiss” becomes an NFT. Artistic revolution? Here is the digital artwork

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the Belvedere Museum of Vienna and the NFT company (non-fungible token) artQ they had the brilliant idea of transform the famous work “The kiss” by Gustav Klimt in a NFT. Painting in digital form will be divided into 10,000 small parts -like a puzzle- which will go on sale as an NFT on February 14 on the platform thekiss.art.


“We are proud that the technology and innovative concept of artQ have been chosen for the realization of this unique project in the world and that we have been authorized to become a partner of the project. We are looking forward to creating our own metaverse gallery, metaQ , where we users will be able to view and purchase a range of art NFTs, for which TheKiss is a worthy curtain raiser,” said Fabrod Sadeghian, founder of artQ

Gustav Klimt’s masterpiece joins the metaverse

This drop in NFT goes beyond the possibility of own a unique fraction of the digitized image of “The Kiss”. It’s about creating a personal connection with the masterpiece. To be part of a community that will be written in the pages of art history and considered a pioneer of the metaverse.

We are not talking about just any job, but about a real masterpiece of world art history. Klimt’s original work (1907) the true manifesto of Viennese Secession, of which Klimt was the leader. The decorations and the gold color are taken of ancient Byzantine art from the cathedrals of Ravenna. The theme of love is the pivot of the work, where the two protagonists exchange a true and passionate kissstripped of erotic connotations.

“What does it mean to own a work of art in the digital age? The rise of NFTs, which has preoccupied the art world since 2020, has given new impetus to this intriguing question. forms of participation which, in financial terms, must be taken seriously, but which can also be considered in a playful way”, commented rolling stardirector of the Belvedere Museum in Vienna.

The exclusive drop limited to 10,000 coins and each a unique part of the painting’s high resolution image. The cost of a single NFT estimated at approximately €1,850 and above each piece stamped the number and its distinguishing coordinates.