KovaaK’s: the trainer that helps improve FPS performance with an NVIDIA system that reduces latency

KovaaK’s one-of-a-kind software goal coach very successful on To smoke. Through a series of challengesStimulates reflexes and helps improve responsiveness to boost performance in genre titles First person shooter with competitive multiplayer. It features thousands of different challenges and allows you to compare your performance against professional players, with plenty of room for customization as well. Additionally, KovaaK clones weapon movements and physics behavior from major competitive titles, so the same gameplay feel is replicated in the trainer.

KovaaK’s: challenges come to simulate different levels of latency

NOW, Nvidia announces a technology initiative SLR which is about KovaaK. Inside the software, in fact, have been inserted challenges that simulate different levels of latency. This clearly shows how important system latency is when playing online, especially competitive games.


NVIDIA Reflex reduces latency by acting on both the rendering pipeline and the actual game, while latency refers to the time between a click and the resulting on-screen pixel change.

KovaaK’s is now free on Steam for a weekso that all interested users can try out the software and Nvidia Challenge inside. The new mode works with any GeForce 900 series and higher graphics card.