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Łukasz Dudziński • Out of hours • 26 December 2020 •

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Opinions on buying gaming laptops are as divided and as diverse as the expectations of individual gamers. One thing is certain: a laptop for a reader can be a good replacement for a stationary drive. All you have to do is choose the right model with well-chosen components.

When it comes to choosing a gaming laptop, it’s all about performance. It is also worth remembering the appearance and comfort of use, as well as the appropriate additional accessories.

Why are gaming laptops so popular?

For hardcore gamers, multiplayer isn’t always what they need. The gaming laptop is very popular with gamers because, unlike stationary units, it can be easily carried around. With a lightweight and powerful gaming laptop, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment anytime, anywhere, not just at home, but also on the go or on vacation.

What should a good gaming laptop have?

Good gaming laptop, that is what? The best game units are those with efficient components that guarantee the ability to play at the highest game settings. The heart of any gaming laptop is undoubtedly the processor. It is relatively easy to select, as all you need is knowledge of the coding of the name. The first digit (or number) indicates the generation: the higher it is, the newer the processor is. The name usually ends with a letter indicating the type of layout. For gamers, the best are HF or H chips. It is also worth paying attention to the number of cores. The more they are, the more demanding the games the CPU can handle.

The processor is usually paired with the graphics card, which plays a very important role for gamers. The best will be a dedicated shelf, at the top, which will open up many possibilities for the player, also using the latest technologies, such as ray-tracing. It is true that the investment in the superior unit will be substantial, but it will surely pay for itself quickly, incl. in the quality of the game, in the fluid display of images or in greater detail.

Adequate RAM is critical. The absolute minimum is 8GB, although if you want to play demanding games on a laptop, it’s worth investing in more efficient 12, 16, or even 32GB dice. Thanks to them, the system will work perfectly and the player will be able to enjoy smooth gameplay even with older titles. As important as the size is the speed of the memory. This shouldn’t go under DDR4-2400. If the reader is not limited by the budget, it is worth investing in a laptop with faster memory with a frequency of 2800 or even 3000 MHz.

The smooth operation will also be ensured by a fast actuation. It is difficult to disagree that the best choice will be a capacious SSD, preferably on the M.2 connector, on which both the system and demanding games will run efficiently. However, SSDs are still expensive, so if you want to save some money, you can invest in a small capacity SSD, such as 256GB, and also buy a larger HDD.

Even the most efficient unit will not provide adequate gaming comfort if the laptop is not equipped with an appropriate screen. Suitable, that is, which will have a diagonal of 17.3, an IPS-type matrix and a matte or anti-reflective coating. The refresh rate is also important, which goes hand in hand with the FPS of the graphics card, and the resolution – Full HD is the standard, but if that’s possible, a unit with a 4K screen is worth buying. An added bonus will be a laptop that will support Nvidia G-Sync technology, eliminating image artifacts, such as tearing it.

The functionality that a gaming laptop should have is due to three factors: an appropriate keyboard, efficient cooling, and a durable case. The keyboard must be backlit and equipped with durable and programmable keys. Having the option of buying a keyboard unit with mechanical switches, it is worth investing in it, as this type of keys greatly accelerates the response. The housing is responsible for durability and resistance to damage. It should reliably protect the screen and keyboard and not rub in the places just below the keyboard, where the player usually holds their hands. A gaming laptop will not be as thin as other drives due to efficient cooling. The heatsinks and fans must work flawlessly to effectively expel hot air from the laptop, protecting its components from overheating.

Gaming laptop accessories – what to watch out for?

No gaming laptop is self-contained. Although it has a keyboard, built-in speakers, a microphone, and a touchpad, it is difficult to use them only while playing your favorite game. You will need a functional mouse and a good quality headset, preferably with a microphone. An external keyboard can also be useful, if the standard laptop keyboard does not meet the gamer’s expectations.

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