The main objective of the article that we are going to develop is to make known to users who have a mobile telephone service, how to pass the credit of a company cell phone Sure other team from the same company. We will also see each of the necessary steps for this purpose. Come in and learn more about it.


How to transfer credit from one Claro to another?

Perhaps the vast majority of mobile phone service users have had the unpleasant experience of having to make a call and realize that they have no balance. Due to this type of inconvenience, companies that offer this service offer their clients the option of transferring the monthly rent. Therefore, we will explain, how to transfer credit from one cell phone to another of the company Sure.

Regarding this peculiarity of the service, it has become of very positive use, being applied all over the world. In the Argentine Republic, it was Claro, formerly CTI, who launched this innovative aid, which was immediately successful and resulted in its application by all the other telephone companies.

Steps to transfer credit from one Claro to another

Without further ado, we continue to explain to the reader, what are the necessary steps in the process of transfer or transfer between lines. It is important to note as a preliminary point that when achieving Claro accreditation, the process is only allowed to another team from the same company, except for the fact that they are working with the particularity of the prepayment and is also affiliated with the so-called Control Plan.

According to the above, the subsidiaries of the company Sure, they have a solution that keeps them in constant contact, by following a few steps that we detail below:

  1. First step, number and text: Thanks to this step, you can send an SMS message to the number 888, where it will be necessary to mention the number to which you want to send the amount. Likewise, the respective area code must be entered, without the ZERO or 15. A space must be given and the transfer number must be placed, it must be for an amount between five and 20 pesos.


In the case where the lines are produced with free subscription, it will be necessary to place a personal password from the SMS message mailbox, this is called * 610. In the same way, this number will be separated. with a space, as an example, it should look like this: 115 555 555 7 1177.

  1. Second step, confirmation messages: Once the above is done, the user himself, as the recipient of the amount, will receive an SMS confirming the procedure.
  2. Third step: discount for use of the service: Immediately the beneficiary of the transfer will be credited with the balance sent, however, the sum of 2 pesos will be deducted, as a consequence of the amount of the service, it can be refunded in the event that the user recharges, minutes before forty-eight hours after the payment. certification of the operation.

With this method, which has become established in most countries, we can also explain the process of how to transfer credit from one Claro to another have compost. In this case, the steps will continue to be similar to those already stipulated above. To do this, we suggest the reader to review them again to get a clearer idea of ​​the procedure.

System Notes

It should be emphasized in relation to what has already been said above, the existence of three important aspects, namely:

  1. The service has national coverage, but only for the special feature of GSM technology.


2.-As a second point concerning the service, for the person who issues the money, the process is completely free.

3.- The third method is to signal that the transferred amount has an expiration period of ten days.

Can I request a balance from another Claro phone?

Indeed, it is important to say in relation to this point, that the beginnings of the system had such an objective, which is that the majority of subscribers have the possibility of having help between the lines and thus of not being isolated. For this reason, the idea is created that even without having balance, there is the possibility of acquiring the necessary help.

In order to show the reader the realization of the process, we will see how it unfolds through the following step:

  • An SMS will be sent to the number 889, followed by the Claro company number corresponding to the person from whom the amount will be requested. Likewise, in the above case, the area code should be included, without the placement of zero or 15. As an example, it should look like this: 11333333333.

It is good to inform that the sender and the recipient should receive an SMS with all the details of the operation. After all of the above, the user will be able to make calls and continue to enjoy the service. That’s all.


The only point to keep in mind is that this type of benefit is provided in the prepaid mode and the control plan. Provided that the lines are active and do not generate arrears for non-payment.

Transfer credit from one Claro to another via the control plan

On this point, the answer is completely affirmative, however “Control Claro” grants the possibility of transferring the balance only by means of the prepaid mention. Likewise, it must be demonstrated that the Claro credit is linked to the Claro Plan. Now let’s see what this plan offers:

  • The prices already include VAT and other internal taxes.
  • Membership can be done automatically by debit: this is made possible by means of cards and membership to the telephone channel can also be established, by * 7246 or 0800 123 7246.
  • Likewise, it has a telephone service facility: it means that you can dial the number * 7246 or 0800 123 7246, free of charge and later you will have to select the third option, of which the computer itself mentions us . .

Cancellation by cards: in this regard, you can use the following: VISA, Orange, American Express, CABAL, Favacard, Sucrédito, DATA, Nativa and Cliper.

Other online payment methods: thanks to this possibility, no discount is made and the user’s balance will not be debited. The only thing to do is to enter the Mi Claro page or website and locate in the menu, the box “My account”, once we are in this section we will choose the mention “Pay my bill” and that’s all. .

Likewise, this can be done through the Visa, Mastercard, PagoMisCuentas page and select the option “PAY”. For these purposes, the only thing to do is to scan in the fields established on the Internet, the identification of the account with the company Claro. Said data can be located in the main part of the receipt or the invoice, it is possible to visualize a total of eleven digits, without the bar being included.

Payment via non-bank entities

Regarding the cancellation of the payment, through entities other than banks, this has an advantage because the process of the process is instantaneous, but it will be established through the following options:

  1. Rapipago
  2. Easy payment
  3. RIPSA
  4. Banelco
  5. Pay my accounts
  6. Express collection
  7. Virtual collection
  8. Payment methods

Regarding the plan, we can say that it allows payment or credit to the specific account, by means of the invoice and via the line number, the identification of the DNI or the account data must also be included . The transaction will be effected in Claro’s balance instantly.


Other non-banking options

It is necessary to underline that unlike other non-banking entities, the payment effectively takes place within a period of between forty-eight and seventy-two hours, after the transactional operation, among these options we can highlight:

PROVINCIAL NETWORK. In this case, the text must be headed by the number or code 086 then the account number.

  1. Red link.
  2. Pronto Pago SA
  3. Plus the payments.
  4. Payment methods: with regard to this aspect, there is the possibility of cancellation by showing the invoice and indicating the account number.

Payment via banks

This becomes one of the opportunities by which payment is made in cash or by check, granting the right only to users of the bank itself. So, if you don’t have an account in any of them, it would be important for the person to make the relevant inquiries on how to open an account in the Argentine Republic.

Then, we will mention the banks which allow the realization of the procedure already specified above, they are:

  1. Credicoop.
  2. Argentine nation.
  3. Santiago del Estero.
  4. Bank of the Province of Cordoba.
  5. Company / Supervielle.
  6. Banco del Chubut SA
  7. San Juan SA

Claro business centers

As a final point on the issue of payment for the plan, it should be noted that it can intervene in front of the various business centers of the Claro company. Once the customer is in one of them, the location of the customer service section will be required, there the transaction process can be done through the invoice. This can be done with a credit or debit card, cash or check.

Recognition of the account number

As we have already seen, this is an important point for the payment of the service, however it is not essential. In order to know what the account number is, we will have to send the SMS to the number 8899, followed by the mention “Account”.

Likewise, you can call the number * 611 # from a Claro line. We must say with responsibility that in both cases the procedure is completely free.

The procedure for transferring balance from one Claro computer to another is quite simple, for this, as we have determined in this article, it will be enough to put into practice the steps that we have already mentioned at the beginning of the letter in question.

However, unlike direct top-up, when you have the condition of being Venezuelans who have emigrated to Argentina, you will have to keep in mind that this system is very similar to that of this country, as an ABA prepaid. In this way, it is very sure that there will be no inconvenience while performing the transaction process.


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