Legacy: the creator of God Games also presents a game based on blockchain and NFT

gala gamesAnd22Cans they announced Legacy, a management system based on the Ethereum blockchain. The “business sim” designed by Pierre Molyneux – also known as the Father of God Games – allows gamers to start their own business and grow it in digital terrain. Land that can be resold in the form of NFT (non-fungible token) through the use of a new cryptocurrency, LegacyCoin. A unique and ambitious project that marks Molyneux’s entry into the “young” world of crypto gaming.

Legacy, gaming between blockchain and crypto-currencies

Peter Molyneux and his 22Cans were already working on Legacy when he was contacted by gala games. The company that promotes games based on the blockchain convinced the legendary game designer (creator of populous And Black White) to implement NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the management system. In this way, Legacy players will be able to earn real money from the sale of ‘Land NFT’ by taking advantage of the game’s decentralized platform.

“Legacy is an entrepreneur’s dream come true, an opportunity for players to start their own business, design their own products with a wide range of options while creating a business empire never seen before”. As Gala Games explained during the Galaverse event, held in Las Vegas a few days ago, Legacy gameplay seamlessly integrates with the blockchain and its mechanics are tailor-made for this type of environment.

A small town can become a successful business in just a few hours of play. Virtual land owners will have access to what is called Legacy key, items they can lend to other players who want to open their own business in the world of Legacy. In doing so, guest users will become business partners: NFT land owners will receive a percentage of the money earned by their “members”. Speaking of money, the cryptocurrency used in the game is already mentioned LegacyCoin (LEGACY) conforms to the standard ERC-20.

Legacy isn’t the first blockchain-based management game. Axie Infinityfor example, has already demonstrated that it is possible to sell content – ​​land, again – belonging to gamers in cryptocurrencies, just as it is possible to earn thousands of dollars playing games.

legacy game peter molyneux nft blockchain gala games

Other titles offer this kind of experience, notably those distributed by gala games. “Players can truly own what they get in our games. If you win or win a magic sword on the Gala gaming platform, your. Your items and any inherited status are a verifiable resource on the blockchain that you can trade with another person or use in-game.”. The same philosophy has recently been adopted by ubisoft with its Quartz platform.

Legacy will officially debut during 2022.

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