Legacy, the NFT betting game starts with a bang

A few hours after the official presentation by gala games And 22Cans, Legacy has already won over players and especially crypto gaming enthusiasts.

Indeed, the first digital lands were sold – in the form of NFT – the ambitious management of Pierre Molyneuxthrough a first “auction” which bore fruit millions of euros. A baptism of fire for a game which, in fact, will not see the light of day before 2022. There is rather less exciting news for Ubisoft and its Quartz, the platform dedicated to the exchange of tokens obtained thanks to the games of the French giant .

Legacy is already a success, while Ubisoft Quartz…

With Legacy, let’s remember, the “father” of god games is approaching the world of blockchain-based video games for the first time. With the collaboration of Gala Games, a company specializing in so-called cryptographic games, Peter Molyneux is about to release a management system that allows players to start their own business and grow it. in a digital fieldland that can be resold to other players that will become real business partners.

molyneux legacy

Along with the reveal, Gala Games organized the first ‘Land NFT’ sales session of Legacy, inviting budding players to invest in the entrepreneurial simulator. An invitation which was accepted with great enthusiasm, judging by the surprising results of the first auction: more than 40 million pounds were raised thanks to the sale of the land, i.e. the equivalent of around 47 million euros and just over 14,000 ETH (Ethereum). As Rock Paper Shotgun points out, the most expensive NFT plot of the lot sold for £670,000.

Now that these users have purchased their first lots, it’s time to roll up their sleeves. When the game is available, players will have to cultivate their land and develop attractive products, in order to attract other users and therefore potential investors. We remind you that land NFTs can be traded using the new cryptocurrency Legacy part.

While Molyneux and associates celebrate Legacy’s first success, at Ubisoft NFTs have been very poorly received. According to a report by Kotakuemployees of the French company harshly criticized the decision to embrace the world of cryptocurrencies.

ubisoft quartz nft

In a post published on MANAa platform used internally by Ubisoft developers, many employees have expressed concerns about the integration of NFTs into their games. “Is it really worth it knowing it will cause bad publicity?”someone wondered. After all, even the reception from the community has not been positive; on the contrary, many users have condemned Ubisoft’s latest decision and, in particular, the requirement of 600 hours of play to access any of the NFTs included in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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