Leica M11: new image of the camera that will replace the Leica M10

It was early 2017 when the German manufacturer presented the world full frame without mirror Leica M10. Now, after almost five years, the new solution arrives that will embody what has been progress in photography: Leica M11 almost ready to be shown to all fans of the brand.

leica m11

The image leaked thanks to Nokishita (source)

While the official presentation date is expected (probably in the first part of 2022), information and an image of the new camera. Although the differences from the current version are few, after all we have to maintain a certain stability in the design, there could be some interesting innovations inside. Of course, everyone confirms this.

Leica M11: the new image of full-frame mirrorless

According to the latest information, it seems that the new full-frame camera will have a new 60 MPixel sensor of resolution. This is a leap from the 24 MPixels of the standard version of the Leica M10 and even more than the 40 MPixels of the “high resolution” known as the M10-R.

The sensor It will not be integrated optical image stabilization (IBIS). When filming in RAW, it will be possible to select different resolutions (50 MPixel, 36 MPixel and 15 MPixel) in order to avoid creating large files unnecessarily.

leica m11

Apart from the Leica M10 a Leica M11 changes the positioning of the focus assist button (magnification/focus peak) in Live View mode, which will be positioned in the upper area. The first three main dials will remain in the same position. The front image field selector (28/90mm 35/135mm and 50/75mm) has been moved closer to the edge of the lens mount.

The bottom area will be similar to the Leica Q2 and different from the Leica M10. There will therefore be no base plate but a more conventional underside. Connectivity will be supported USB Type-C, 5GHz/2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. I won’t miss it attached. THE price not yet revealed but Leica M11 it could have a slightly higher cost than the previous model (which was 6600 euros at launch).

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