Lenovo 360: in January the debut of the new ecosystem for the multinational chain

Lenovo officially unveiled its new ecosystem dedicated to the channel, Lenovo 360, which we had already anticipated in this article. An overall structure designed to simplify through a template EaaS (Everything as a Service) Partner access to company products, whether devices, infrastructure, services or solutions.

What is Lenovo 360 and who is it for?

Lenovo 360 is the new distribution structure that the multinational has designed with its partners. A structure that will see the light of day in January 2022 and which is the natural evolution of the new company organization announced in April 2021, when the new division was created SSG (Solutions & Services Group), which joins the two previous ones, IDG (Intelligent Devices Group, and includes PCs, tablets and IoT devices) e ISG (Infrastructure Services Group, dedicated to servers and storage).


The goal of Lenovo 360 is to help partners seize new opportunities related to the multinational’s service and solution offering. An example is represented by initiative”better together” And “TruScale Accelerator“, which enable partners to increase their revenue by up to 30% on Lenovo product and solution portfolio offerings and sales as a service.

Our partners have the opportunity to diversify their revenues, focusing more on services and solutions“, explain Pascal Bourguet, Head of Global Distribution, Lenovo. “Lenovo 360 unifies the various components of our offering, making it easier for partners to access the full suite of Lenovo products and solutions that align with their strategic goals. At the same time, we will continue to meet the needs of partners focused on PCs and infrastructure. Many Lenovo partners are looking for solutions that ensure business continuity for their customers, maximizing the experience gained during the pandemic. Solutions that support new regulations such as remote work and other hybrid work models will now be available to the channel through a single framework.

With Lenovo 360, we’ve created out-of-the-box content and marketing campaigns that our partners will benefit from, ensuring a Lenovo-aligned go-to-market with the most up-to-date information on solutions and services.“, continues Bourguet. “Plus, we’re adding expertise resources to provide an ever-increasing level of support-free service, making it easier for them to access the Lenovo products, services, experts, and resources they need.“.