Lenovo takes smart work to one of the world’s most remote (and beautiful) places

According to a study conducted by Lenovo, more than 60% of Gen Z and Millennial respondents believe it is important to positively impact the world and contribute to local communities while leading an experiment.Work from anywhere‘.

But what is it Work for humanity? This is a Lenovo-led initiative that invites volunteers from around the world to participate in a unique opportunity: to actively contribute to the well-being of the local community while working from one of the world’s most remote places. with some of the most advanced and intelligent technologies. The place in question is the island of Robinson Crusoe, a destination more than 640 kilometers west of mainland Chile, one of the most ecologically rich places on the planet, which at the same time is “hampered” by the continuous evolution of the modern world and its challenges, in particular access to education and health care, habitat degradation and the impact of invasive species.

Lenovo FMH

Through this project, the volunteers, selected on the basis of a series of skills, experiences and specializations, will spend a stay on the island to contribute to the prevention of the extinction of endangered species and to support the community. local in its path to sustainability, while being able to continue to do their work remotely. All this is made possible by a series of recovery projects, in collaboration with Island conservation, to foster a series of positive changes.

What is Lenovo’s job in all of this? It begins with the creation of a cutting-edge technological hub with a range of devices, services and technological solutions fromGroup of smart devices of the company, which will help the island achieve its objectives: providing volunteers with the tools to carry out their work remotely, while supporting conservation projects in this paradise of wildlife and cultural diversity and aimed at generating a long-lasting and lasting value over time, which the community can count on to support the goals even after the conclusion of the volunteering project, which includes the development of an infrastructure to increase Internet bandwidth to at least 10 Mbps. To this end, a fund will be set up which will allow the maintenance of the community hub and support for community projects.

Lenovo FMH

Those interested in being part of the happy volunteers who will have the opportunity to support this project from Robinson Crusoe Island, while doing their work remotely, can submit their application before December 30, 2021 on the dedicated site: www.LenovoWFH.com.