LG Introduces S95QR Premium Soundbar with Up-Firing Center Channel | CES 2022

Approach him CES 2022 Of vegas and the various brands are beginning to unveil some of the novelties that will populate the stands of the most important consumer electronics show. LG, after unveiling its new LG UltraFine Family OLED Monitorput them on the plate sound barsin particular by revealing the details of the top of the range LG S95QRa premium audio solution that aims to envelop the listener with sound 810W of power and a diagram a 9.1.5 channels.

To achieve the effect this product relies on ben 5 speakersi.e. facing upwards to take advantage of ceiling reflections. Three are built into the body of the soundbarwith the interesting and novel solution of a central ascending channel, and two instead are integrated into the rear satellites. The upward-firing center channel aims to make dialogue even clearer by bringing it up to the height of the picture and thus increasing the feeling of being “inside the film”. The content in Dolby Atmos And DTS:X they should be even more engaging and those IMAX Enhanced return a very three-dimensional sound.

LG S95QR soundbar 600

The two speakers built into the satellites increase the available channels to six, adding to the four front/side speakers. Compared to other rear speakers, LG soundbar speakers are also designed to spread sound evenly over a wide 135-degree space, providing greater flexibility in speaker placement in the rear. environment, making it the perfect solution even for the smallest rooms. In addition, there is naturally a large wireless subwoofer, to increase bass performance.

LG’s new soundbar is also the perfect solution for gamers, thanks to the HDMI port’s full support for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode).

Additionally, when connected to a compatible LG TV, the LG S95QR takes advantage of the TV’s advanced AI Sound Pro feature to make all content sound clearer and more lifelike and can be controlled directly using the remote. of the TV.

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