LG OLED TV 65ART90 Evo Object Collection: the TV disappears behind the sliding sound system

Televisions are getting bigger and designers are inevitably looking for tricks to make their presence less impactful, especially when turned off they represent an expansive black surface to incorporate into furniture.

[HWUVIDEO=”2741″]LG OLED TV 65 R: the rollable TV on display in Milan[/HWUVIDEO]

LG it often nods to the luxury sector, as do its rollable OLEDs, large screens capable of disappearing (in whole or in part) inside the base, leaving only the audio system in view.

In this case, the flexible OLED panel represents the bulk of the cost, due to limited production and the fact that it is not yet a mature technology available in volume. LG therefore thought of a different solution, based on classic flat screens, with part of the motorized sliding system.

LGTVOLED65ART90 OLEDEvoObjectCollection 600

Like what Bang & Olufsen offered with its Beovision Harmony (based on LG’s OLED panel), the television can be hidden from the audio system. In the case of the LG OLED 65ART90 TV, also known as “OLED Evo Object Collection”, the 80W 4.2-channel speaker system is integrated into a large panel covered with Kvadrat fabric that can slide in front of the screen.

As already seen on the rollable OLED, the panel can assume three positions: open, closed, partially closed. In the first case, it leaves the entire TV screen in view, in the second it hides it completely, in the third it exploits part of it to create an audio system with large panoramic screenon which to display your music tracks, as well as information such as the time and the weather.

A livello tecnico the ART90 pare utilizzare the base of the modello OLED Evo Gallery Design, che fa parte anch’esso della serie Art. Il TV 65ART90 verr commercializzato inizialmente solo in Corea del Sud al prezzo di 9.9 milioni di won, pari a environ 7,430. No details on international distribution plans have been released.

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