LiveWire, Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle company, is ready to go public. here are the details

last may Harley-Davidson had announced that LiveWire it would no longer just be the name of its first electric motorcycle, but would become the brand name for the entire electric vehicle division, now a separate company. The first model, essentially a reissue of the original bike, the LiveWire Onewhich is still being launched in several markets.

To complete this process, Harley-Davidson has decided that LiveWire will also be made publicunder the initials LVWin the first half of 2022. To do this, it will use a SPAC, as more and more companies have decided to do in the last period, namely AEA-Bridges Impact Corporation (ABIC).

LiveWire One

Along with the IPO, there will be a capital increase, with the Taiwanese Kymco, which already owns shares, which will put another $100,000 on the table. ABIC itself will also contribute $400,000, and finally the parent company will add an additional $100,000. At the end of the procedure, Harley-Davidson will therefore hold 74% of LiveWire, while ABIC shareholders will hold 17%. The others, in equal shares, will be the founders of ABIC and Kymco.

It is estimated that after the merger, LiveWire will be worth $1.77 billionand Jochen Zeitz, chairman and CEO of Harley-Davidson, is almost certain to also serve as chairman and CEO of LiveWire, for at least two years.