Madden 22: How to Explore in Franchise Mode

College player exploration is a big part of the franchise mode in Madden 22. Much of the franchise mode has been revamped since last year and players may notice some changes in the exploration. While some of the scouting features remain the same, EA Sports has detailed a scouting update that is expected to be added in September based on the Madden 22 Grid Ratings. However, for now, here’s how to search for players in the Madden 22 franchise mode.

The first step in finding players in franchise mode is to have a team of players. When first entering franchise mode, players will already have a full squad, but can hire new staff if they wish. One of the new features of Franchise Mode is Player Staff, which takes care of exploration, free will, and player trading.

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Players will have to wait until at least Week 3 of the regular season to start exploring. Once in week 3, players can select the “Scout College Players” tab on the Franchise Mode home screen. Before exploring, the game will give you the option to automatically generate a recruit, use a saved roster, or import a draft class online.

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The explore screen will display a list of college players with their physical measurements, expected draft round, and major attributes unlocked through exploration. To explore a player, select one from the list using A (Xbox) or X (Playstation). Each player can be explored three times to fully unleash their draft potential, combine basic stats and attributes. Without any upgrading of scouting staff, it costs 30 scouting points to fully scout a player. Exploration points are reset every week and can be carried over to the following week; however, you will lose half of all unspent exploration points next week.

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While not yet live, the exploration system is expected to receive an update in an upcoming update that will add regional exploration, expanding the system with a national explorer and up to four regional explorers.

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