Manage Android apps

Without a doubt, one of the most important Android features, This is the huge amount of apps we have available to install on our cell phone. From paid apps from renowned developers like Microsoft to free software, but of the highest quality, the Android program palette never seems to stop.

However, it is precisely this quantity and this ease of installation of Android applications, many times, it can even lead to cell phone collapse. Who among us hasn’t spent the time researching and installing apps to see what interests them?

The most important thing here is not how much space they take up, or what resources these apps use, but how we manage them so that it doesn’t become a mess and we don’t even know what we have. installed.

At this point we can help you, because We have a lot of information on all these topics:

Update my Android apps

IF you want all the apps on your phone to be well updated, there is a lot of information in this article to make it as easy as possible. Here is included:

  • Update all my apps
  • Manual update of the application
  • App update notifications
  • Automatic application update
  • When to update apps

In this other article we can find more details about update android apps that may be of use to us, such as:

  • Which apps do I need to update?
  • Benefits of automatic or manual updates

Close, uninstall or move apps on Android

To learn how apps are moved or uninstalled on Android keeping your phone clean is essential. That’s why in Android Expert we offer some articles on these topics, such as:

  • Close an Android application: We know that Android apps don’t close completely because they stay in the background. If you want to know how to shut them down completely, this is your article.
  • Move an application to the map: Many times we end up with space issues. If we want to fix this problem, check out this post.
  • Delete an app we don’t use: If we want to make storage space, we can uninstall apps. If so, we can check out this interesting article on the subject.

Use Google Android apps

As we know that Google apps like Keep, Gmail, Documents or Drive are fantastic and are some of the most used on phones, we tell you What also use them on the PC. If you want to know how, click on this link.