Mass spying on millions of BitTorrent users detected

users of P2P they remain in the crosshairs of the cultural and entertainment industry. Despite the fact that more and more countries are renouncing their persecution of those who use these file-sharing platforms, a “mass surveillanceof these users around the world. According to what some British experts have published, BitTorrent users are being spied on by a series of companies without the precise purpose of this collection of their data having been clarified.

As we read in the report collected by Esmateria, the researchers confirm that this massive and direct surveillance is “currently happening” in various parts of the world. “Most of the large-scale vigilantes we have detected are hosting companies, which allegedly run the software for a third partyexplains the group of experts led by computer engineer Tom Chothia. Up to 10 companies are said to be carrying out this surveillance at present, although they indicated the impossibility “to identify with certainty who was actually carrying out the surveillance”.

As Chothia put it, “Watching is common for popular content, such as the most downloaded The Pirate Bay torrents, but it doesn’t show up on less popular content.” In this way, since the most downloaded contents are those belonging to the big entertainment industry, the main suspicions about who would be behind the user tracking would fall on these companies.

We can’t be 100% sure, but one possible reason is that they want to report people“, say the specialists. Not surprisingly, in the United States, the threats of court case to P2P users automatically so that users agree to pay compensation to avoid going to court. However, the researchers point out that thesale of this information or just accumulating it in case it might be useful in the future” are also possibilities that arise in this data collection.

Do you use a measure for avoid being tracked Internet like browsing through a VPN?