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After the majority vote recorded in an internal poll, the company, which trains more than 400,000 people around the world, has decided to return to the situation of 100% teleworking. This and other preventive measures enabled them to register “zero infections” among their members.

In 2011, Media Interactiva set out to contribute to the improvement of e-Learning and to position Spain on the map of the sector. Today, almost a decade later, it is consolidated as a leading group of companies: trains more than 400,000 people worldwide, from digital literacy in schools to training in the latest software developments, works with partners like Microsoft, Pearson, Adobe or New Horizons and is at the forefront of educational technology.

But above all, it is distinguished by the high level of satisfaction reached both among its clients and among its students. Taking action with a participatory and respectful approach is one of the reasons why opinions on interactive media favorable.

“In this organization, the opinions of workers are listened to and taken into account, showing that we are not only leaders in innovation, but above all that we are a company that cares about people”, assures the technical director (CTO), Benito Castellanos.

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Initiatives for the well-being of the work team

On the eve of the declaration of the state of alert for the Covid pandemic, this group of companies has planned to guarantee the best working conditions for its human team. The workers had been at home since March 13.

Later, in September and by the majority vote of an internal poll, a hybrid form of work was adopted: face-to-face in the morning divided into shifts and teleworking in the afternoon.

“Thanks to these preventive measures, we have achieved Covid’s ‘zero contagion’ among company members, says Human Resources Manager Laura Morillo, “People are always at the center of our organization and it is our job to take care of and monitor them. In a pandemic situation, what is at stake is the health of our workers and their families. “.

Recently, the task force was consulted again through an internal investigation and returned to 100% telecommuting after hearing their opinions.

At the same time, during all these months, the human resources department has promoted different initiatives to ensure the physical and mental well-being of workers, such as interconnection through an internal social network with content not only professional but also personal. The possibility of yoga and mindfulness at home.

International awards confirm workers’ opinions

The aforementioned initiatives have enabled human resources management to be recognized with two international distinctions in the past year: the International Healthy Enterprise Award awarded by the Human Resources Observatory, in its Healthy Work category, and the Certified as a great place to work, awarded by the consulting firm Great Place to Work®, a leader in the identification and certification of Excellent Places to Work.

The satisfaction of the work team is, without a doubt, the engine of the growth of this company. “Media Interactiva was and is, today for me, an opportunity for professional and personal growth, beyond what I have ever imagined”says Miguel Santana, who worked for 8 years as the systems manager of this organization.

Other opinions on interactive media join Santana: “Media Interactiva has given me this special place that we always want and which allows me to advance in my professional career while progressing as a person with this and my other family”, explains Tere Linares, who has been with the organization for 10 years.

Technological avant-garde at the service of men

The promotion of people at the heart of the company goes hand in hand with its mission to offer a better future for society through technological innovation and professional development of people.

In fact, its clients include large corporations, schools and universities around the world; as well as professionals and students from different sectors who need to get the best out of themselves. “We are well aware that our work is for people. We bring out the best in ourselves so our clients can do it too “, they assure Interactive Media.

This commitment is also manifested with other initiatives such as SME friend of Unicef. For 5 years, they have been part of the programs promoted by the institution for early childhood education around the world. “Your annual contribution contributes directly to the initiative of Unicef ​​and the Nelson Mandela Foundation Schools for Africa, which funds the construction of strong and safe schools, the provision of basic services and the training of teachers to deliver quality education “, they explain from Unicef.

Figures in Spain: present and future

In addition to its global deployment, Media Interactiva is expanding nationwide. In recent years, it has managed to quadruple the number of schools and triple the number of students, being present in 25 provinces of 6 autonomous communities.

Sum of interactive media more than 2,500 students in 60 centers all over Spain. All register a percentage of 93% approval in digital skills certifications for which Media Interactiva prepares them, whether in the public, educational or commercial sector.

In short, thanks to a decade of continuous work and the value of the person they defend as an institution, Media Interactiva is positioned for a promising and growing future.