Media Patronage: 18th Student IT Festival in Krakow – 30.03-1.04!

Student IT Festivalis an international conference organized since 2005 by students of three Kraków universities: Jagiellonian University, AGH University of Science and Technology and Kraków University of Technology. Each year it brings together hundreds of computer enthusiasts, students, faculty and employees of technology companies. SFI is home to famous personalities from the international IT world. As a computer science student at Jagiellonian University, I had the opportunity to take part in this event many times and I remember perfectly, for example, your lectures Thomas H. Cormen – author of the famous book “algorithmic bible” entitled “Introduction to Algorithms”:

18th edition of the Student IT Festival

This year’s 18th edition of SFI starts on March 30 and will run for three days until April 1. As every year, the organizers have planned many interesting lectures this time too – the following topics particularly interested me:

  • How to talk to artificial intelligence?– a few words about Prompt Engineering, the use of language models and practical examples of the use of AI – speaker Wojciech Jasiński,
  • 5 million Onet homepages: how does personalization work in practice? – something about recommending appropriately personalized content to users using AI – rapporteur Piotr Ociepka,
  • How would I learn to code today? – this is a topic that interested me from a purely professional blog point of view… Kamil Brzeziński will talk about his thoughts on the programming learning possibilities available nowadays,
  • A map of software development best practices – about good coding patterns, never too much. During this conference – Dawid Perdek – I will present my programming mistakes and ideas to fix them.

I will add, of course, that the conference takes place in its entirety disconnectedand its guest this year Jagiellonian University. Interested people, please visit Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University Of st. Krupnicza 33 in Krakow.

The complete program and more information on the event are available on the website

The 18th edition of the Student IT Festival was covered by the media sponsorship of the blog

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