Meet Arm Total Solutions, the new cloud-based IoT platform

ARM launched a new platform for software development IoT: Arming Total Solutions for Iot. It is a cloud-based solution that allows developers to build applications for the SoC Corstone arm even without access to the hardware and, according to the company, will dramatically speed up development cycles, which will drop from the current five-year average to around three years.

What is the Arm Total solution?

Development times for IoT solutions are too long and ARM aims to shorten them with the introduction of Arm Total Solutions for IoT, a new cloud platform that the company intends to break down barriers to entry for the creation of new IoT solutions and above all, it will considerably accelerate development times by shortening them by two years.

Considering the average development time is five years, reducing it to just three years is an extremely ambitious goal, but how is that possible? According to ARM, extremely precise mechanisms are used to simulate memory, peripherals, and essentially the entire system, long before it’s done. The ARM partners will therefore be able to start working even before the tape, by testing their code well in advance thanks tovirtual hardware, a key part of Arm Total Solutions for IoT.


Arm Total Solutions is based on the subsystem Corstone 300, that revolves around the chip Cortex M55, dedicated to computational AI, and machine learning processors Ethos U55.
The SDK is available for free on Arm’s Github, and the test software can run on ARM virtual hardware, available in beta as Amazon Machine Image on AWS Marketplace.

With a radical shift in the development of its systems, Arm is in a privileged position to fuel a new IoT economy that can rival the app economy for the smartphone industry in terms of methods, speed and size.“, did he declare Mohamed awad, vice president of IoT and Embedded at Arm. “Arm Total Solutions for IoT is changing the way we deliver key technologies across the ecosystem and demonstrating our continued commitment to software so developers can innovate“.