Meet Stark Varg: It’s Not Iron Man’s Bike, But It Can Revolutionize The Motocross Industry

The transition to electric motors it gave many new companies the opportunity to come out of the shadows, often even suddenly and with products almost ready for sale. If in the automobile world the most striking case is that of Rivianin the niche sector of motocross is likely to have this role austere futurea Swedish company that has just unveiled its first motorcycle, Stark Varg.

The bike has been developed over the past two years in Swedenand is now entering the production phase a Barcelona, therefore without leaving European borders. Apart from the simple and pleasant aesthetics, what makes the Varg an interesting product are the specifications, which are decidedly of an excellent level.

Stark Varg

THE 60kW motor it’s as powerful as a 450cc equivalent, but performance can be tuned via software to achieve a wide range of “replicas”: from 125 two-strokes to 650 cc four-strokes. All with the usual monstrous torque of electric motors, although 938 Nmand supported by a 6kWh batterywhich with a weight of only 32 kg is among the best in the category for energy density.

According to Stark data, Varg can therefore ensure up to 6 hours of fun, depending on the difficulty of the route, to then recharge in one or two hours, depending on the power of the charger. But power and range are not the only aspects that make the Varg a flagship. The designers used the engine as a structural elementobtaining a frame approximately 50% lighter than its competitors, but with the same characteristics of robustness and flexibility.

Stark Varg

Even the battery has a special design, which allows it to use no coolant. The individual ccylindrical lithium batteries they are mounted directly in contact with the battery case, which allows temperatures to be controlled only in the air. To close the circle of equipment, there is a robust support for the smartphone, thanks to which it is possible to modify the parameters on the fly, and a low density foam protection platewhich in addition to protecting the mechanical parts also absorbs shocks.

All these good things have a price, maybe even a little expensive. The version with a detuned 60 HP engine starts from €11,900going up to €12,900 focusing on the full power of 80 HP. Among the options we have the choice between a 19″ or 18″ rear wheel, suspension based on the weight of the rider, pedal or handlebar brake and a side stand.

Pre-orders are currently open on the dedicated page, also for Italy, with a deposit of 100 euros. The first deliveries should take place by October 2022. Here is a presentation video: