Microprocessors, expected a new sales record for this year

According to a report published by IC Insights, sales of microprocessor unit (MPU) they should exceed $ 100 billion this year, scoring a true all-time record thanks to the strong demand for computer processors and SoCs for smartphones. In addition, MPU shipments are expected to reach 2.49 billion for the first time in history. PC and server processors will account for 46.7% of global MPU sales, far exceeding sales of SoCs for smartphones. The demand for MPUs – central processing unit (CPU) and system on chip (SoC) for various applications – is breaking records (as for all types of chips in the last period), finding us a phase in which the world is changing and new types of MPU-based devices are emerging. MPU shipments are expected to increase 11% year-over-year, reaching nearly 2.49 billion units.

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IC Insights expects MPU sales to reach $ 103.7 billion this year, with a 14% year-over-year increase. Record MPU revenues and unit shipments are driven by unprecedented demand for CPU and SoC, high average selling prices as chip designers incorporate more computing power and functionality into their products, and favor high-end models over other suppliers. Sales of PC and server processors will reach $ 48.4 billion in 2021, up 4% year on year, a clear indicator that computer microprocessors are still the largest MPU market for revenue. In addition, unit shipments of personal computers and server processors will increase by 6% in 2021 compared to 2020.

Although PC disk shipments today are high compared to previous years, they are not as constant as they were a decade ago. Yet shipments of servers containing expensive CPUs are breaking records, which has a positive effect on the overall market. In fact, $ 48.4 billion is record revenue for processors – says IC Insights. Smartphone SoC revenues will reach $ 35.7 billion and unit shipments are expected to increase 34% in 2021.

2021 IC Insight Microprocessor Sales

Integrated MPU sales are on track to hit $ 19.7 billion, showing 11% year-over-year growth despite severe shortages. The integrated MPU segment is the largest category of all MPUs in terms of units shipped, with over a billion of these chips in use for applications such as automotive, consumer electronics, industry, l ‘IoT, medical, networks and telecommunications. In terms of units, integrated MPU shipments will increase 12% year over year, but unit growth is constrained by scarcity and the inability of foundries to increase production.

Finally, IC Insights expects MPU revenue to reach $ 127.8 billion in 2025, with shipments reaching 2.89 billion processors and SoCs.