Microsoft Edge blocks malicious trackers and all sites

How to block even malicious trackers from all websites to prevent tracking and collection of personal data while browsing the internet with Microsoft Edge

THE websites use i tracker (monitoring tools) to collect information on users’ Internet browsing activity (interactions with sites, content clicked, etc.), by creating a kind of digital profile through which to offer them, during browsing, personalized content according to their areas of interest, advertising for example.

The problem is that among these there is also i malicious trackers who collect and send this information even to unvisited websites, further compromising the privacy of data collected relating to individual users.

New Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, from this point of view it introduced a special tuning which allows you to block trackers from most websites.

Microsoft Edge hard mode detection protection

Specifically, as in the example above in the figure, go to Menu> Settings> Privacy and services> Detection protection you will have the possibility to choose between three different modes detection protection.

By default the mode is activated “Balance“, but to intervene on the blocking of the trackers it is necessary to activate the”Rigid“providing:

  • Block most trackers from all sites
  • Block known malicious trackers

In addition, by activating this mode, automatically when you navigate in “In private“(or in anonymous browsing mode) surveillance prevention will be automatically activated”Strict“(fashion”Rigid“in fact) to immediately block malicious and non-harmful trackers.

As a side effect of “Rigid“enabled, in some cases parts of the websites may not function properly (it will be sufficient to temporarily disable it if necessary), and the advertisements will be de-personalized or have minimal personalization, in any case in favor of privacy.

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