Microsoft: excellent quarterly thanks to the cloud, but great success also for Halo Infinite and Forze Horizon 5

Microsoft he has closed his second quarter of fiscal 2022 with a revenue of $51.7 billionoperating profit of $22.2 billion and a net profit of $18.8 billion. Figures that increase by 20%, 24% and 21% respectively. Earnings per share of $2.48 were also up 22%. The US company returned $10.9 billion to shareholders through share buybacks and dividends, up 9% from the second quarter of fiscal 2021.

The division More personal computing achieved a turnover of $17.5 billion (+15%), inside which we find several fundamental parts of Microsoft from Windows. The Redmond House reports that Windows OEM licensing revenue up 25% compared to last year, driven by Windows 11, as well as Windows Commercial products and cloud services achieved 13% higher revenue than in the past. Between Windows 10 and Windows 11, 1.4 billion devices are active every month.

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The video sector is also doing well surface with a +8% mainly linked to Surface Laptop sales, while the impact of the Surface Pro 8 is expected, also available in Italy for a few weeks.

For what concern video gamewhere the upgrade to Activision Blizzard Surprisingly, hardware revenue (i.e. Xbox Series X|S sales) grew 4%. The share linked to content and services recorded an increase of +10% on an annual basis. Note not only i 25 million Xbox/PC Game Pass subscribersbut also the success of Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5, played by more than 20 and 18 million people, respectively. Search (Bing) and news-related advertising also saw a 32% increase in revenue.

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Let’s go to division Productivity and business processMicrosoft registered +19% to $15.9 billion. Revenue from commercial Office products and cloud services grew 14%, while consumer Office grew 15%. Microsoft 365 Consumer subscribers are now 56.4 million.

The turnover of LinkedIn grew 37% year-over-year on strong advertising demand. LinkedIn sessions grew 22% with record engagement. Dynamics products and cloud services revenue grew 29%, primarily driven by Dynamics 365 (45%). Finally, the division smart cloud reached 18.3 billion dollars (+26%) driven by Azure (+29%) and other cloud services (+46%).