Microsoft for Startups Founder Hub is open to everyone, even companies that haven’t secured funding yet

Microsoft Founders Hub for Startups is an initiative of the Redmond giant born to offer tools and support to young startups, including those who have not yet obtained funding from business angels or venture capital. The realities that join will be able to count on credits to spend on Azure cloud services and will have free access to GitHub and Microsoft Cloudas well as training programs and technical support.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is open to everyone

Many training or support programs for start-ups are only intended for companies that have already obtained capital. Microsoft Founders Hub for Startupsinstead, it’s now open to all businesses, regardless of their maturity status.

Microsoft’s program focuses on three key themes: ensuring access for all, offering free cloud services (including access to GitHub and Microsoft Cloud), and ensuring access to technical support and training programs, as well as opportunities to connect with investors and industry veterans.

MS for startups

Depending on the startup’s maturity status, founders can earn credits for Azure services. For example, startups that are in the prototyping phase will have access to $1,000 Azure Credit, which amount to 5,000 for the realities that work to develop the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Startups that have already launched their product and are enhancing it with new features will have $25,000 in credits available, rising to $120,000 for scale-ups. All plans can be extended up to a maximum of 150,000 Azure credits as the project grows.

In addition to offering its services, Microsoft partners with other companies to provide additional discounts and perks for startups. Among the realities with which Microsoft collaborates if they report Open AIwho developed the GPT-3 AI engine, and Manuscript.

For more information, see the official site from the program.