Microsoft intends to bring back some Activision franchises from the past, like Hexen

The agreement between Microsoft And ActivisionBlizzard based on almost $70 billion arouses many reactions within the video game industry, and many journalists question Phil Spencerthe future CEO of Microsoft Games, in the hope that it will provide some details on the operation. Which, we remind you, has not yet been approved and will be finalized in June 2023 at the earliest.

Microsoft and old franchises like Hexen

Spencer revealed more details about the deal to Washington Postfocusing particularly on the reasons that led Microsoft to take such a bold step. The exec said he would speak with development studios that have handled successful franchises for Activision in the past, citing Guitar Hero, King’s Quest and evil spell.

evil spell

The latter will be remembered especially by players a few years older. It is essentially about fantasy counterpart to DooMproduced by Software ID and developed by Raven Software. This game is the perfect example of how Microsoft will be able to create synergies based on its acquisitions, also having id Software on its side as part of the September 2020 agreement with Bethesda.

“Looking at the list of properties that are part of Activision, you will find gems such as King’s Quest, Guitar Hero or Hexen. I hope to be able to work on these franchises when the deal closes because I have loved them since my childhood. All of our teams are looking forward to working on games like these.”.

The Washington Post reporter expressed concern about experiences we’ve had in the past when tech companies made acquisitions in the gaming world, but couldn’t leverage them, citing the case of Google with Stadiums. Mountain View has indeed closed its internal studios dedicated to gaming, after having recruited various talents from the world of video games by taking them from the main realities of the sector. Microsoft has a lot of gaming experience though, as Spencer points out in the interview.

“Google has the search engine and Chrome, Amazon has shopping, Facebook has social media, all activities that involve many users. These technology companies can reach large audiences in their respective areas of expertise, while Microsoft can do the same with games”.

It will be interesting to see if these plans will come to fruition once Microsoft obtains the necessary clearances to complete the acquisition. The return of games like Hexen could be very interesting…

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