Microsoft is now using the Xbox 360’s red ring of death for advertising purposes

When you throw Xbox 360 in 2005, Microsoft and encounter a number of disturbing hardware malfunctions. A lot of consoles crashed while playing games and showed what became the famous “red ring of death”with which the Xbox 360 signaled that it could not continue to process game screens. The red ring of death became a veritable slogan among the gaming community of those years, while guides for attempting to fix the problem and restore your Xbox 360 proliferated, almost always without success.

Xbox 360: The Red Ring of Death Returns

In an attempt to resolve the controversial situation, Microsoft is investing a billion dollars to recall defective Xbox 360s and replace them, in a crucial phase to finally be able to fill the void with its Japanese competitors in the console world. Now the house of Redmond has decided to take advantage of the Xbox 360’s red ring of death to promote its new product, the six-part documentary titled Power On: The Xbox Storyin which they speak Microsoft’s ups and downs in the video game and console industry.

Red Ring of Death Xbox 360

In chapter 5 of the documentary, Peter Mooreex-director of Electronic Arts of Xbox at the time, recounts how Microsoft was forced to allocate the large sum of money to solve a situation that was becoming more and more thorny. “When we estimated the cost that would be required to make the repairs and added that to the lost revenue due to the problem, we realized the hole would be around $1.15 billion.” said Moore.

Microsoft has decided to set up a posters the cover of Power On and sell it on the Xbox one site $24.99. It’s unlikely to cover the cost of Xbox 360 repairs, but you have to start somewhere…

Power up tells other facts that marked the history of Xbox, not pleasant at all. For example, we return to the equally (if not more) disastrous launch of Xbox Onewhen the manager was Don Mattrickthe one who later recycled into Zyngaeven there with mixed success (failing the conversion of Facebook’s software house to mobile-focused).

The series, of course, also bolsters Microsoft’s successes in the console world. It was not at all obvious to be able to enter such a difficult market and fill the void with PlayStationjust like it was done with the Xbox 360. You can see it in full at Youtube.