Microsoft Paint renews itself and acquires a dark theme in Windows 11

Microsoft Paint it’s one of those apps that are at the heart of all of us. It has been with us since we can remember and almost everyone has used it at some point, no matter how small. The big operating system overhaul that Windows 11 will also affect native apps and Paint could not be less.

Windows 11 welcomes a renewed Microsoft Paint

It was Panos Panay, as is customary last Wednesday, who posted on his social networks the video presentation of the new Microsoft Paint interface. And the truth is, we loved it!

As we can see in the short video, Microsoft Paint will finally have a dark mode in its redesign for Windows 11. In addition, all iconography for one according to the new operating system. The same has happened with the use of colors and fonts and the use of spaces. We are before an app that finally feels modern and it no longer smacks of the past.

I hope that Microsoft will continue on this path and it is not the last of the surprises that the Windows team has prepared for us. Everything we have seen so far on Windows 11 exceeds the expectations of the vast majority of us months ago, when there were still doubts whether or not Windows 11 existed.

The launch is in a little over two months. Microsoft Paint has already jumped on the boat. And you?