Microsoft will force to prove that our Windows is not hacked

As the American company reported today in a statement, we must demonstrate from the second half of the year that our operating system is legal to be able to download free security updates from official Microsoft websites. To achieve this, Microsoft has decided to globally extend the Windows Genuine Advantage program – introduced in September as an optional pilot program for owners of the English operating system – which verifies the authenticity of the “software” of user and access popular programs and the latest updates faster.

From now on, in order to reduce the impact of bogus “software” in the world, the Windows Genuine Advantage program will be extended on February 7 to versions of “Windows XP” in twenty additional languages, including Spanish. Pilot Validation Program at the Microsoft Download Center. Most of the Download Center content will be included in the pilot program and “software” incentives will be added to “Windows” users participating in the program.

In addition, “in the second half of 2005, visitors to the Microsoft Download Center and” Windows Update “will be required to participate in the Windows Genuine Advantage program in order to access all content,” a measure that also includes users. Spanish, Microsoft underlined.

However, for those who might need more time to upgrade to Genuine Windows, Microsoft offers security updates through “Windows Update”, with or without validation in the Genuine Windows Advantage program.

Source: Europa Press