Monclick monitors, printers, keyboards and more in the new technological offers!

As the main daily offers of the main online portals and the free sale of the new iPhone 13 go crazy, in this new article we want to convey Monclick to illustrate you promotion which involves many high-tech products, like, how to watch, printers, keyboards and more. This initiative has a very limited duration and offers discounts of up to a percentage of 50%, we invite you to hurry so as not to miss this great opportunity.

The list of promotional products is quite long and varied but, among the different offers, we strongly advise you to consider the purchase of HP E23 G4 Monitor, in particular the model 9VF96AA. Originally sold at € 269.99, only for a few days, it is available for “only” € 208.99, thanks to 23% drop which lowered the recommended retail price of good € 61.00!

We are talking about a product that you lends itself perfectly to all work activities, in intelligent work contexts. In fact, he boasts ergonomic and optimized design for daily operations, and is characterized by a 23-inch LCD screen with a resolution in Full HD, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels. With HP Eye Ease, this article guarantees good eye comfort thanks to the blue light filter.

The monitor in questionMoreover, it has a respectable connectivity sector, which includes all the most commonly used ports such as VGA, HDMI And Displayport. It is also possible to connect up to four USB accessories directly on the monitor thanks to the presence ofintegrated USB 3.2 hub. And then, with the intuitive HP Display Center Software, you can customize the settings, in order to protect your health and the main functions of the panel.

It is therefore an opportunity to be seized on the fly, because it ensures good functionality during working activities. That said, given the large number of products currently available, we strongly recommend that you visit the appropriate page of the portal at next address, so that you can view all the Monclick offers.


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